Torenkey 1.0

Download from eMule and BitTorrent networks, using one program only (See all)

There are many eMule programs on the net, and also many Torrent clients, but don't you think would be cool to have one program for both kinds of downloads instead of two separated applications for each network? That is exactly what Torentkey does. It's an excellent program that has two built-in P2P clients, one for eMule network, and another one to search and download directly from BitTorrent network.

Some other main features of Torenkey are:
- The application brings a first runtime wizard that will help you to set up ports and connection in an easy way. For example, you will be able to choose which networks you want to use, or if you want Torenkey to connect using a safe connection.
- The application supports IRC chat, and also supports RSS in the BitTorrent network, to be always updated.

It's important notice that just like happens with eMule client, in Torenkey you will need a servers list to connect, and it's possible that you will have to open router ports too.

If you are tired of using two different programs for eMule and BitTorrent networks each time you want to download your favorite movie or game, then Torentkey is your best option to avoid this annoying task.

Daniel Mantilla
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